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Welcome to Montreal Marketeers! 

We're embarking on a journey to discovering great stories and meet the people that brought them to life. Join us on our weekly adventures where we interact with entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers that follow their passion.

Living in Montreal inspires us. The opportunity to interact with an endless amount of cultures has a tremendous impact on us. We quickly realized that there are so many amazing stories that go unheard and we decided to do something about it! Creating this community allows us to share what we love about our city to the rest of the world.

Seriously though, what's not to love about Montreal! (besides the summer construction and Game of Thrones like winters)

We hope the stories we cover inspire you to explore and follow your dreams. Listen to episode zero to get a feel for what Montreal Marketeers is all about!

Storytelling with the Marketeers

We've always been fascinated by brands that had great stories. Understanding where it all started and how a company got to where they are today is crucial to us. Not only does it shape how the brand is perceived by the market, but it also plays a role in determining the culture that drives a company's growth and success.

We are dedicated to showcase stories that impacted and disrupted the market. Stories about people that are willing to give it their all to follow their dreams.

If you're expecting us to showcase the lavish side of success, you came to the wrong place.

Most success stories wouldn't see the light of day without perseverance and dedication. Creating a winning brand isn't easy, that's what makes it an interesting story to tell.

How Two Marketers Became Marketeers

Our story is about two coworkers that wanted to be the best.

As soon as we met, we realized that we both had the same passion for Marketing. We spent countless hours discussing and debating strategies about promotions, advertising, social media, brand building... Most of the time these debates would end up with many discussions over a couple of drinks.

Marketing isn’t easy. Even if you’re at the peak of your game, you can’t be scared to innovate. If someone is going to put you out of business, it should be you. Being innovative takes a lot work of and failure is part of the journey. Unfortunately, we feel that people end up taking the easy way out and would rather stick to the what they have always done. We promised ourselves that we would never reach that point and would always stay true to what we believed in...

  • Marketing is about the customer
  • Marketing is about strategy
  • Marketing is about telling your story

We knew that reaching the top would be inevitable if we followed those beliefs. All that was left to do was put in the work to get there. 

It was at this time that we stopped being Marketers and became Marketeers.

Ideas are shit. Execution is the game
— Gary Vaynerchuk

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