MM20 - Zach Stoner: Copywriter at Vaynermedia

On episode 20 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk copywriting with Zach Stoner.

It's clear that Zach is passionate about two things: sports and copywriting. When he was in college he realized that he wouldn't make it as a professional soccer player so he decided to focus his attention on journalism. The road to getting his journalism degree wasn't always easy but in the end he persisted and found his true calling: copywriting. 

Zach now works for VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk's digital ad agency. As a copywriter, he creates marketing pieces based on core insights about clients' brands and their target audience. His quest for acquiring knowledge and his thirst for challenging projects enables him to get continuously get better at his craft.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Zach Stoner and the copywriting industry! 

Duration: 49 minutes

- Generating ideas for content and paying attention to details
- Learning from mentors and continuously seeking knowledge
- Tailoring content to your target audience
- Focusing on brand building vs immediate conversions
- Creating a personal brand within a corporate environment
- Being authentic
- Spurring creativity by changing your environment
- Improving your writing skills through other artistic ventures
- Collaborating with your team to generate superior results
- Repurposing content

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Music by Patrick Lehman