MM28 - Donny Mellozzi: Co-Founder of Ascoli Wines and Spirits

On episode 28 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk wine with Donny Mellozzi.

Donny loves food and wine. Growing up in a Montreal Italian household, he learned to appreciate food culture at a young age. He started making his own wine in college using the methods his grandparents taught him. However, being detail-driven and somewhat of a perfectionist, he experimented with new techniques that would increase the quality of his homemade wine. His passion for wine has been growing ever since.

Eventually, Donny and his wife decided to start importing wine from Italy. In order to stand out, they tend to partner with vineyards that do small batch productions and offer rare grape varietals. This has allowed them to offer something unique to the Quebec market.

Check out this week's episode of the Montreal Marketeers to find out more about the wine importing business with Donny Mellozzi!

Duration:  69 minutes

- Appreciating your culture
- Being detail driven
- Differentiating your offering
- Following your passion in order to achieve your goals
- Educating your customers
- Balancing the decision making process (gut feeling vs market trends)
- Adapting to customers
- Pricing based on customer perception

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