MM6 - William Biney: Owner and Full-Time Barber at Quality Cuts

On episode 6 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk haircuts with barber William Biney.

Will isn't your everyday barber. He sees himself as a fashion consultant that gives haircuts that are meant to identify a person and complement their look. 

Will started barbering when he could no longer find someone that could gave him a cut that had the style and detail that he wanted. From his humble beginnings in his backyard to now owning 2 shops, he never stopped thinking about how he could improve his craft. 

Becoming successful wasn't instant though. He had to work hard on gaining the trust of his clients as a young barber. He would often get shut down by people that insisted that he would never cut their hair. Regardless, Will push ahead and eventually gained their respect and business. The struggles become even more real when his first shop was fire bombed. But once again, he didn't let it get to him and quickly started a new shop without ever looking back.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about William Biney and Quality Cuts!

Duration: 39 minutes


  • Why are haircuts important?
  • The role of the environment in a barber shop
  • How did you learn barbering?
  • Growing by listening to your business
  • Success isn't instant
  • Pushing through the hurdles
  • Social media for client acquisition and learning
  • Finding a passion, not a job
  • Not being scared to start over

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Music by Patrick Lehman