MM15 - Andrew Neumann: I'll Have an Espresso with my Cut!

On episode 15 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast we are storytelling with Andrew Neumann, the owner/founder of an espresso barber shop. Yes you heard heard correctly, his primary business is to provide customer's with Montreal's best coffee experience, while providing a tailored haircut.

Andrew realized his passion for coffee at an early age, working at Café Epoca not only helped further develop his palette but also aided in understanding what it takes to provide great service. As time passed, Andrew started developing an interest for cutting hair, seeing his mom run a successful salon for years peaked his interest. To gain experience and know-how he started asking friends if they would like a free haircut. It didn't take long for Andrew to perfect his craft and start working full time as a Fade to Brooklyn barber. Fast forward to today and Andrew has created an environment where customers get to experience his art; the goal of making each and every cut a tailored experience, while still delivering the perfect espresso. Primo Barbeshop & Café has really created an environment where two very different services blend seamlessly together (even when, at first sight, you wonder how).

Check out this week's episode to find out more about how Primo came to life! Let us know what you think about this weeks episode and which passion you think Andrew enjoys more? Providing espresso or being a barber...

Duration: 50 minutes


- The art of providing great service
- Following your passion
- What happens when you run out of espresso?
- Choosing the right supplier
- Creating a story behind your brand that your proud of!

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Music by Patrick Lehman