MM36 - Steve Daniel: Social Media Consultant & Professional Chiller

On episode 36 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk entrepreneurship and social media with Steve Daniel.

Steve Daniel is the brains behind the popular MTLPromos Instagram account. We were amazed when we found out that the brand started as a client acquisition strategy. When Steve decided to quit his 9 to 5 job to become a social media consultant, he didn’t have any clients to establish his credibility. He had the brilliant idea of creating and curating his own “fake” client. The account now has over 15K followers and has played a pivotal role in growing Steve’s consulting business.

Since starting his entrepreneurship journey 8 years ago, Steve has experienced a lot of change. At the age of 25, he thought he had made it. He had a good job, he owned a car, and he owned a house. All that was left was to get married and have kids. Although that might seem like the ideal life for most people, he realized that something was missing. He wasn’t getting the fulfillment that he desired. That’s when he decided to trade the stability of a corporate job for the challenge of entrepreneurship. He might have a lot more anxiety to deal with these days but he sure is enjoying the grind of being able to make it on his own.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Steve Daniel and MTLPromos!

Duration: 57 minutes

- Reevaluating your life goals
- Chasing happiness instead of money
- Starting consulting from scratch
- Establishing your desired work-life balance
- Dealing the anxieties of being an entrepreneur
- Being “always on”
- Remaining authentic
- Using analytics to determine social media strategies

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Music by Patrick Lehman