MM25 - Seth Feingersh: Audio Engineer at VaynerMedia

On episode 25 of the Montreal Marketeers, we talk podcasting with Seth Feingersh.

Seth manages the audio content for one of the most popular podcasts around: The GaryVee Audio Experience.

As Gary Vaynerchuk's audio engineer, Seth plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the podcasts are consistent in terms of audio quality and content. And when you release as much content as Gary does, you know that the bar is set high. Whether it's publishing native content or re-purposing content, Seth is always focused on delivering the very best. 

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Seth Feingersh and podcasting!

Duration: 50 minutes

- Meshing two passions into one
- Being energized by a driven work environment
- Re-purposing content vs creating native content
- Ensuring high production quality for your podcast
- Driving social media traffic to the right medium
- Keeping your content consistent
- Staying focused and clearly outlying your goals
- Building a podcast from scratch

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