MM16 - Scarlett James: Showgirl and Montreal Burlesque Festival Founder

On episode 16 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk burlesque with Scarlett James.

Scarlett saw her first burlesque show in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the art. At the time, the Montreal burlesque scene was almost non-existent and shows were usually focused on humour. Scarlett wanted to take a different approach and worked on creating a show that revolved around glamour. After 6 months of hard work, she finally got a chance to showcase her act and it was an immediate success.

Scarlett has been credited with making burlesque more mainstream in Canada. Besides growing her own personal brand, she also founded the annual Montreal Burlesque Festival. However, her success isn't limited to the Canadian market as she travels around the globe to perform her acts at theatres and corporate events.

Join Scarlett as she celebrates her 10th year anniversary as a burlesque showgirl by bringing back her most famous acts.  Tickets are now on sale for her "Grande Revue" show on April 28th 2018 in Montreal. 

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Scarlett James and the burlesque industry!

Duration:  54 minutes

- Finding a new passion and starting from scratch
- Being true to yourself
- Understanding the logistics of creating an act
- Connecting to your audience
- Adapting your act by following your heart and soul
- Growing the Montreal burlesque industry
- Combining a passion for business and art in order to become a successful entrepreneur
- Dealing with the haters

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Music by Patrick Lehman