MM29 - The Story of Sarah Cole Ciders

On episode 29 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk ciders and spirits with one of the founders of Sarah Cole Ciders.

Ciderie Sarah Cole owes the authenticity of its products to the passion of its founders, but also to its history. It all started in Argenteuil county in the province of Québec, halfway between Montreal & Ottawa. In this area, the Champlain sea, retreating after the last glacial age, left us with amazing mineral rich soil. Heirloom apple trees grown on those lands allowed for the creation of a unique variation of fruits well suited to make great European-style hard ciders.

Sarah Cole offers ciders that are well balanced (not too sweet or too dry) to enjoy with family and friends. The apples are hand-picked, carefully selected and maintained at ideal temperatures, thus preserving the freshness, aroma and taste. The fruit is then pressed slowly, ensuring a refreshing cider and balanced flavors.

Check out this week's episode of the Montreal Marketeers to find out more about the cider industry with Sarah Cole!

Duration:  51 minutes

- How did Sarah Cole come to life
- Why focus on ciders
- Don't let your distributors/partners choose you
- Educating your customers
- Adapting to trends and finding creative ways to integrate your product with others
- Choosing the right brand ambassador

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