MM41 - Samantha Kris: Founder of the Bossing Up Movement

On episode 41 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk about enabling success with Samantha Kris.

Samantha Kris is an author, speaker, success coach, and the founder of the Bossing Up movement. If you haven’t heard of the movement, Bossing Up is all about helping people find their inner boss and enabling them to achieve their dreams of success.

After climbing the corporate ladder at a rapid pace, Samantha realized that her true strength stemmed from her ability to set goals. Being someone who loves building communities and interacting with others, she decided to become a success coach in order to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Samantha Kris and the Bossing Up movement!

Duration: 40 minutes

- Building a roadmap to success
- Sharing your story to connect with consumers on a human level
- Focusing on core brand values
- Having consistent messaging
- Using gamification to enable growth
- Pushing yourself outside your comfort level
- Setting realistic expectations regarding success

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