MM9 - Vivian Yen and James Anderson: Co-Founders at Ratloop Games Canada

On episode 9 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk video games with Vivian Yen and James Anderson from Ratloop Games Canada.

Vivian and James are business partners as well as life partners. Vivian's passion for entrepreneurship mixed with James' passion for designing video games led to the creation of Ratloop Games Canada in 2017.

They received a government grant to create Vroom Kaboom:  a duelling game where two adversaries face-off against each with cars. The goal is to defeat your opponent's arsenal and be the last player standing. For the gamers out there, think of it as a hybrid game between Rocket League, Twisted Metal, and Hearthstone.

Vroom Kaboom is still in development but you can check out the teaser below for a sneak peek:

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Ratloop Games Canada and Vroom Kaboom!

Duration: 47 minutes


- Following a life long passion
- Taking advantage of government grants
- Turning a side project into a full-time commitment
- Allowing partners to focus on their own strengths
- Dealing with increasing production costs by relying on alternative revenue streams
- Understanding market segmentation
- Deciding on what to focus on as an independent (i.e. indie) gaming studio
- Promoting a game release as a new indie studio
- Focusing on replayability to ensure a long-term revenue stream

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Music by Patrick Lehman