MM19 - Pierre-Paul Schiltz: Owner-Operator at Cycle Paul

On episode 19 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk cycling with Pierre-Paul Schiltz.

Cycle Paul was founded in 1948 by Pierre-Paul's grandfather, Paul Schiltz. The business originally sold bikes, ammunition, hunting and hockey equipment. Customers could even rent bicycles and guns. Much as changed since the 1950s and Cycle Paul has pivoted their business accordingly. They now focus solely on servicing the needs of cycling enthusiasts and professionals. 

Since taking over the business in 2013 from his father, Pierre-Paul has been keen on continuing his family's legacy. He's spent his entire life in the bike industry and is a passionate cyclist himself. He recently opened a second location in Vaudreuil to complement the long established Pointe-Claire shop. Besides selling high-end bikes and accessories, he also offers the "Fit" service which allows you to choose the optimal bicycle for your needs.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Pierre-Paul Schiltz and Cycle Paul. 

Duration: 47 minutes

- Having a passion for your industry
- Dealing with seasonality
- Persisting through personal injury
- Differentiating and offering a specialized service
- Catering to a diverse clientele of enthusiasts
- Guiding the buying experience with guided questions
- Understanding the life cycle of products and customers
- Building awareness for services and focusing on convenience
- Creating a digital presence in order to build your brand
- Striving to have a positive impact on someone's life
- Learning from your family

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Music by Patrick Lehman