MM2 – Jonathan Dresner Serial Restopreneur: Notre Boeuf De Grace, Pigeon Espresso Bar and More...

On episode 2 of Montreal Marketeers, we sit down and chat with restaurant owner and restopreneur Jonathan Dresner.

If you’ve never eaten at Notre Boeuf De Grâce, you’re really missing out on a great experience. The restaurant focuses on delivering upscale burgers that are sure to please your taste buds. How does Jonathan do it? Simple, he let’s the ingredients speak for themselves.

By grinding quality beef on site daily, Notre Boeuf De Grâce delivers some of the juiciest pink burgers in Montreal. It doesn’t stop there though. Almost all of their ingredients are sourced locally with recipes being prepared in house, ensuring maximum freshness. Whether you order a burger, a poutine, or a milkshake, you’ll be having one hell of a meal.

So what led Jonathan to open his burger joint? Listen in to find out!

Podcast Duration: 63 minutes


  • How to survive in the restaurant business
  • Eating at a restaurant is an experience
  • How to handle negative reviews and experiences
  • Your staff is your family
  • How to grow your business through expansion
  • Advice for starting your own restaurant
  • Opening a coffee shop

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Music by Patrick Lehman