MM11 - ​Nicholas Melka : Beekeeper & Honey Connoisseur at MIEL MTL

On episode 11 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk raw honey with Nicholas Melka.

Nick discovered raw honey when he was looking for a better way to treat his lyme disease. He needed to take about 60 pills a day and it was taking a toll on him. At one point it got so bad that the pills caused a tear in his stomach. He decided to start eating raw honey as an alternative treatment and his health improved within days!

Since then, he dedicates himself to giving back to the bees that helped him so much. He founded MIEL MTL to increase the number of bees in communities across Quebec and to create a superior raw honey that is packed with medicinal properties.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Nicholas Melka and MIEL MTL!

Duration: 55 minutes


- Starting a company in order to give back
- Learning on the fly and pivoting your business when necessary
- Managing rapid growth
- Choosing the right partners to work with
- Opting for face-to-face meetings
- Pursuing all opportunities
- Differentiating your product from cheaper alternatives
- Determining the proper market price for your product
- Pushing the "local" aspect of a product

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Music by Patrick Lehman