MM4 - Matthew Balogh: Foundation Expert at Solage Solide

On the 4th episode of Montreal Marketeers, we are joined by the owner of Solage Solide: Matthew Balogh.

Matt's story is that of an Intrapreneur turned Entrepeneur. He started in the foundation repair industry 12 years ago working for his now competitor. At the time, foundation repair was considered an old business and it needed some serious revamping. He took on the challenge and was able to establish himself as a leader in the Greater Montreal Area.

Two years ago, he started Solage Solide so that he could follow his own vision. The decision wasn't made on a whim though. He had been saving his money and creating a business strategy for close to 4 years.

He had to face numerous challenges including building a reputation for Solage Solide in the market. Think about it, would you easily trust a new company in an industry that can charge $15,000 to perform a repair?

How did Matt get over the hurdles of starting a new business? Check out this week's episode to find out!

Duration: 33 minutes

- Why start your own business?
- Challenges of starting a company
- Dealing with seasonal services
- Initial client acquisition strategy
- Digital only marketing
- Customer service focus
- Managing and choosing employees
- Dealing with banks and managing cash flow

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Music by Patrick Lehman