MM30 - Google's Matt Sakaguchi: The Key to High Performing Teams

On episode 30 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk about creating successful teams with Matt Sakaguchi, a site reliability manager at Google.

Matt runs two Site Reliability Engineering teams for Android and Google Play, responsible for the Google Play store Infrastructure, critical Android services, and Play store verticals (movies, books). He also coordinates outreach to developer teams and partners with them to increase the stability and reliability of the services google supports.

Google's expert on what makes teams effective talks with the Montreal Marketeers about his experience consulting with various divisions at Google about building strong and effective teams. While also discussing his experiences working in the police force, the SWAT team, Sony, Walmart and many other organizations.

Duration:  66 minutes

- How did your experience working on a SWAT team attribute to your understanding of effective teams
- From SWAT to Sony, to Walmart and everything in between.
- Getting back up when life beats you down
- I didn’t fail 10,000 times... I learned 10,000 times
- Making your own luck
- The importance of having one singular mission

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