MM39 - Kathleen Elie : Founder at ConsciousNChic

On episode 39 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk ethical fashion with Kathleen Elie.

Kathleen has always been passionate about clothing. After working in fashion for many years, she began to notice that many injustices had become common place in the industry. Instead of turning a blind eye, she decided to seek and embrace brands that implemented both ethical and sustainable practices. She decided to document her journey by starting her own blog: ConsciousNChic.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Kathleen Elie and ConsciousNChic.

Duration: 41 minutes

- Staying true to your values
- Educating consumers on the injustices of the fashion industry
- Building an online community
- Driving market to be more sustainable
- Personalizing your message to different customer types
- Collaborating with brands
- Learning new skills on the fly

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