MM44 - Kareem Rawlins : Founder at GoodFITT

On episode 44 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk fitness with Kareem Rawlins.

Kareem is the owner of GoodFITT personal training and wellness services. As a personal coach, his philosophy is to enable his clients to live healthier lifestyles by exercising, eating balanced diets, and focusing on mental wellness.

He started GoodFITT nearly a decade ago after experiencing his own physical transformation. After losing nearly 30 pounds of body fat and feeling as healthy as ever , he decided that he’d make a career out of helping others to achieve their own health goals.

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Kareem Rawlins and GoodFITT!

Duration: 50 minutes

- Following your passion
- Starting off small
- Finding your why
- Understanding the value you provide to your customers
- Standing out in a competitive environment
- Growing through Word-of-Mouth
- Setting boundaries for social media use
- Converting leads to customers
- Focusing on mental health

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