MM0 - Matt and Vince Talk About Montreal Marketeers

Welcome to episode zero! If you're like Vince your thinking, "seriously like Star Wars episode 0, terrible start :)". AND if you're like Matt your thinking "zero to hero", whatever that means. During this episode Matt and Vince discuss why they started the Montreal Marketeers podcast and what it means to them.

The introduction episode is only 10 minutes and touches on the following topics;

  • Who, what, when & why?
  • Favorite podcasts
  • Goals & objectives with Montreal Marketeers
  • A bit about the interviewers (more to come on this topic in later episodes)
  • Music by Patrick Lehman

Montreal Marketeers episode 0 is now live and available for download. You can also subscribe and view our podcast on iTunesGoogle Play, SoundCloud or through your RSS feed.