MM8 – Craig Johnson and Jim Monopoli: Changing the Rules with Buzzfit

On episode 8 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk workouts with Craig Johnson and Jim Monopoli.

Craig and Jim have taken the Quebec gym industry by storm since opening the very first Buzzfit in 2011. Buzzfit separates itself from it's competitor by catering to the everyday person looking for a relaxed and affordable environment to workout in.

At $10.99 a month with no cancellation fees, the two founders created a business model that is sustained by a high volume of members. (about 5 times more than a typical gym)

They are able to reach and maintain such a high membership count by providing excellent value and top notch customer service. It's not surprising that they have been able to expand to 9 locations within 6 years. 

Check out this week's episode to find out more about Buzzfit!

Duration: 46 minutes


- Taking advantage of American trends as a Canadian entrepreneur
- Getting financing
- Understanding your market
- Using service as a differentiator
- Growing memberships
- Focusing on building community
- Leveraging growth in negotiations
- Dealing with franchisees and employees
- Putting customer service ahead of everything
- Paying attention to the details

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Music by Patrick Lehman