MM26 - Ben Levesque: Director of Marketing at Webrunner Media

On episode 26 of the Montreal Marketeers podcast, we talk digital marketing with Ben Levesque from Webrunner media.

Ben started his digital marketing adventure while he was pursuing his dreams of making it into the NHL. At the time, a normal day would consist of strict practice and training regiments followed by downtime in the afternoon. Instead of playing video games like most of his teammates, he spent his time learning about SEO. 

Unfortunately, he did not make it into the NHL. However, he did continue learning about digital marketing and became an expert in the field. He started a blog that discusses the psychology of hockey and amassed a strong following of loyal readers. Craving even more challenge, he joined his brother Marc as the director of marketing for Webrunner Media where he specializes in Facebook ads.

Check out this week's episode of Montreal Marketeers to find out more about digital marketing with Ben Levesque.

Duration:  54 minutes

- Being hands-on to keep relevant
- Having a strong work ethic
- Refocusing when necessary
- Writing good content
- Building an email list
- Paying for ads to build viewership
- Mapping out the customer sales cycle

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