MM35 - Anthony Imperioli: Storytelling With Nonna Maria

With a deep interest in cinema, Anthony Imperioli’s focus has always been on creating and delivering great stories. Understanding the power of storytelling has lead him to creating various projects, a few being the Nonna Maria persona and Middle Kid Productions. Anthony says, “Having worked in the field of visual effects in both post-production and pre-production aspects, I'm invigorated by the amazing creative effort it takes for a project to go from concept to final product”. By surrounding himself with those that lead with creativity it helps him challenge the status quo, to evolve from one day to the next.

To consume creativity is both inspiring and enlightening.

So where does Anthony get all of his creativity from? It all started 20+ years ago, growing up in Saint-Leonard with his two brothers. The influence of his Italian culture, especially his grandparents, aided in creating the persona we know today as “Nonna Maria”. This project led him to collaborate with various stand up comedians, one of them being Joe Avati.

Duration:  75 minutes

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