MM31 - Ameer Alba: Storytelling with Captivating Videos

A few years ago Ameer Alba was working as a nurse who chose to make a pivot in his career, switching fields to follow his dream. That is, nursing brands on how to grow their business through captivating 1 minutes videos. Storytelling is a crucial part to any business, people essentially buy and interact with people, not business entities. Ameer helps organizations deliver their story via a sequence of multiple videos, delivered in a manner that stays true to the brand and the audience it is intended for.

You'll quickly notice that Ameer's personality and determination to bring brands to life is why he has been so successful at storytelling. Ameer takes his craft to a new level, before even discussing a project he takes the time to really understand the brand and the people working behind it. Visit his personal Instagram account @ameeralba to see for yourself!

Duration:  46 minutes

- Storytelling through video
- Creating captivating videos that creates a connection with its target market
- How to successfully create videos
- Making videos that stick
- Being authentic & creating a human connection with your target market
- Taking risks with social media & influencers
- New age word of mouth

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