MM33 - Ambroise Debret: A Discussion About Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship

Ambroise Debret is an entrepreneur & growth hacker focusing on mobile & ecommerce. What is his number one mission you may ask, “to help create companies and brands that aim to disrupt their industry”.

Ambroise had the opportunity to work with various brands, and during those experiences discovered his passion for growth hacking (not only from a business perspective). He then quickly created his personal blog focusing on everything growth hacking and ecommerce related. More recently he has co-founded Make it Run where he’s improving the networking capabilities between race event directors and runners looking for a challenge.

Creating opportunities for people to network with those who have a common interest is something ingrained in Ambroise’s DNA. One of his first projects, MTL + Ecommerce, a non-profit organization created for eCommerce enthusiasts is gathering quite the crowd. With the main goal of educating the Montreal eCommerce community and sharing actionable & proven strategies and best business practices, those looking to grow their network with the right people is easier then ever before. A side note, if you are looking to attend this monthly event your best bet is to pre-purchase your tickets as their speakers bring in a large following.

To learn more about Ambroise Debret visit his personal blog which includes various tools, such as a list of ecommerce related solutions that will help guide you in working more effectively by managing your time efficiently.

Duration:  52 minutes

- What is growth hacking all about
- Building a network of followers
- Create, analyze, implement and do it all over again
- Creating an impossible list (really like this idea!)

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