Marketeer Adventures #1: Getting Ready to Start a Podcast

The concept behind Montreal Marketeers is pretty simple: we wanted to create a platform where we could share the amazing stories of Montreal artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers.

We looked at our personal preferences, skills, and available resources in order to find the best medium to use. All things considered, we quickly realized that podcasting was the way for us to go.

Here are the main reasons for our choice:

Love For Podcasts

In 2016 we both got hooked on podcasts. We loved the "on-the-go" aspect that the platform brings to the table. It enabled us to consume long-form content anywhere and at any time. The podcasts we enjoy the most are usually at least 20 minutes long and could even last up to 3 hours. This format gives the host the ability to go in great depths on any given subject. Since we are focusing on storytelling, this longer flexible format made the most sense to us. 

Low Barriers to Entry

Podcasting is pretty straight forward to get in to. You basically need a mic, a computer, and audio editing software. Fortunately we already had a computer that included free audio software. So in terms of upfront investment, itzpretty minor.

Here are the full details of what we required to get started:

- Macbook Pro 2016 (already owned)
- Garage Band (already owned)
- Blue Yeti Mic ($170 on Amazon)
- J5 Create Adapter ($100 at Bestbuy)
- Audio-Technica ATH-M50X (already owned)
- SquareSpace website (roughly $150 for a year) 

So for under $500 CDN we started our very own podcast. We found the need for a reliable, flexible, and responsive website to be an absolute must since it serves as the central hub for all our content. We also took full advantage of free social media and podcast hosting platforms to develop our brand.

Highly Flexible for Interviewees

We believe that content is king! We don't have the skill set needed to do fancy production but we do know what makes for an interesting learning experience. So from the very beginning our goal was to create an environment where the stories we covered would be unique and interesting. To be honest the goal was quite selfish in its early stages. We chose the topics and interviewees that we wanted to know more about and that weren't being covered by the podcasts that we listened to regularly. It just so happened we weren't alone in wanting more from our podcasts...

Montreal Marketeers is not about us... It's about our guests. We are giving THEM the platform to share their stories. Keeping that in mind, we ensured that the process would make our guests as comfortable as possible. People have different levels of ease when it comes to being interviewed. Since podcasts are audio only, we believed that our guests would feel comfortable letting loose, creating a more natural/real experience.

Entrepreneurs, influencers and anyone who is really trying to change their industry for the better all have one thing in common, and that's time. Everyone needs more time, as a result asking for a small allocation of their time needs to come with complete ease. All of our equipment is portable and utilizes the power of a laptop, all we ask in return is a somewhat quiet environment. Furthermore, we feel that conducting the interview directly at the interviewees place of business creates a unique ambiance. As interviewers, we get to see first hand what their business is all about, enabling them to be comfortable in their own setting. Doing so also has an effect on us, allowing us to feed off of them as we prepare for the next question.

If you're interested in learning more about how we started the Montreal Marketeers podcast, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at Happy listening!