Once upon a Time... There Were Two Marketeers

On a beautiful summer day in Montreal, two strangers met for the first time. 

Matthew was a shy kid on his first day at his new job and Vince was a loud and outgoing individual that never seemed to stop talking. Eventually, Matthew's shyness faded and he ended up becoming louder than Vince.

When we think about it, it's funny how we are able to get along with each other. We are both stubborn, hard-headed, and never go down without a fight. To this day, we always end up arguing about what we are most passionate about.

Vince - "Matt, what are you saying? Are you even listening to yourself? Of course you're wrong!"

Matt -  "Miiiiiii, here we go Vince! I guess it's too hard for you to understand this. You know, I still have my old university books at home. You might want to read them."

Vince - "No wonder you don't know what you're saying Matt! You learned everything from old books. Now I understand!"

Basically, we become our Italian mothers when we're around each other. (We love you Filomena and Giuseppina!)

Despite our constant need to compete against each other, we always enjoyed working together.
We loved implementing strategies to improve our product lines' performance by creating new types of promotions, implementing better analytical tools, and by expanding our offering.

At one point, we started following Vlogs and Podcasts and couldn't get enough of the stories we heard. We were obsessed with learning all about the brands we love. We soon realized that great products and brands often had an awesome journey to success. Which makes sense right? The most famous brands are lead by innovators that did not shy away from doing something unique. As much as they are smart individuals, another common theme is always prevalent: They follow their gut and don't compromise on their vision.

We view these innovators as a source of inspiration. They motivate us to follow our own dreams. Gary Vaynerchuk is the ultimate example of this. After listening to his podcasts, reading his books, and watching his Youtube videos, we realized that he was absolutely right. Instead of just talking about our passion, we needed to act on it.

That's when the idea for Montreal Marketeers came to life. We decided to find innovators and influencers from Montreal and share their journeys with the world. The goal is simple, we want our community to learn and get inspired by stories that often go unheard.