Our story is about two coworkers that wanted to be the best!

As soon as we met, we realized that we both had the same passion for Marketing. We spent countless hours discussing and debating strategies about promotions, advertising, social media, brand building... Most of the time these debates would end up with many discussions over a couple of drinks.

Marketing isn’t easy. Even if you’re at the peak of your game, you can’t be scared to innovate. If someone is going to put you out of business, it should be you. Being innovative takes a lot work of and failure is part of the journey. Unfortunately, we feel that people end up taking the easy way out and would rather stick to the what they have always done. We promised ourselves that we would never reach that point and would always stay true to what we believed in...

  • Marketing is about the customer
  • Marketing is about strategy
  • Marketing is about telling your story

We knew that reaching the top would be inevitable if we followed those beliefs. All that was left to do was put in the work to get there. 

It was at this time that we stopped being Marketers and became Marketeers.


Taken in Kauai at Wailua Shaved Ice

Taken in Kauai at Wailua Shaved Ice

Vincenzo Cutrone

"I Don't Have Dreams, I have Goals. Now It's On To The Next One."

Marketing has always been a passion of mine, understanding how organizations reach out and develop strong customer bonds. Today’s marketing environment is constantly evolving, digital marketing has forever changed the way organizations interact with their customers. With the right plan of action, embracing such market changes can yield above average returns. I strongly believe that your brand can pierce through the clutter with a great story.

I hope this blog helps you discover the power of storytelling, applying the strategies we discuss in your industry! Check out Vince's website to learn about his story.

Matthew Peladeau

"Success tastes best when paired with challenges"

I'm all about continuous learning and taking on challenges so that I can become better at what I am truly passionate about. That applies to anything from perfecting recipes, trying new drinks, or implementing Marketing strategies. Although actually doing/performing a task is in my opinion the best way to learn, I always saw great value in learning from others' experiences. Being an open-minded listener has allowed me to expand my knowledge and get real insight into what drives people. Most importantly, it pushes me to be just as great as the people I meet and look up to!

As a Montreal Marketeer, my goal is to bring you stories that help you grow on both a professional and personal level. Feel free to leave a comment or check out Matt's website for more information.

Cooking like a marketeer!

Cooking like a marketeer!

The Third Marketeer?

"Sharing is caring"

You might be wondering to yourself, "well Matt & Vince... who is the third marketeer"? The answer to that question is a lot simpler than people think. The third marketeer is our guests. AND to be really honest with you, it is the most important marketeer. We try as much as possible to ensure our guests understand that the episode they are featured on is indeed their episode. In a sense they own the success of that specific episode, together we are storytelling about their experiences doing what they love.