MM13 - Sabrina Prioletta: Brand Strategist at Siva Marketing

Sabrina is a fellow storyteller. She believes that entrepreneurs should show their true colours and align their branding accordingly. This allows consumers to identify with a brand and connect with it on a whole new level. In other words, a brand's story needs to become the soul of the business.

After working for large brands like Adidas and Molson, she decided to start her own business. Her original idea was to create an Italian ice cream shop but quickly realized that her true passion was and still remained Marketing. She founded the consulting firm Siva Marketing in 2012 and has been helping businesses with their branding ever since. 

MM12 - Gabrielle Panaccio: Cocktail Fanatic at Bar Le Lab

Gabrielle is a true go-getter. She started in the restaurant business as a cook but developed a passion for cocktails while working in Australia. That experience changed her life and she set out to create one of the best cocktail bars in Canada.

Le Lab was founded by mixologist Fabien Maillard in 2008. He wanted to create a bar where his passion, vision, and creativity would become a reality.  Gabrielle joined Le Lab 2 years into its inception and is now a part-owner. She begged Fabien to let her work for him with the promise that she would be the best employee he would ever have. He accepted and she has been fulfilling that promise ever since. 

MM11 - ​Nicholas Melka : Beekeeper & Honey Connoisseur at MIEL MTL

Nick discovered raw honey when he was looking for a better way to treat his lyme disease. He needed to take about 60 pills a day and it was taking a toll on him. At one point it got so bad that the pills caused a tear in his stomach. He decided to start eating raw honey as an alternative treatment and his health improved within days!

Since then, he dedicates himself to giving back to the bees that helped him so much. He founded MIEL MTL to increase the number of bees in communities across Quebec and to create a superior raw honey that is packed with medicinal properties.

MM9 - Vivian Yen and James Anderson: Co-Founders at Ratloop Games Canada

Vivian and James are business partners as well as life partners. Vivian's passion for entrepreneurship mixed with James' passion for designing video games led to the creation of Ratloop Games Canada in 2017.

They received a government grant to create Vroom Kaboom:  a duelling game where two adversaries face-off against each with cars. The goal is to defeat your opponent's arsenal and be the last player standing. For the gamers out there, think of it as a hybrid game between Rocket League, Twisted Metal, and Hearthstone.

MM8 – Craig Johnson and Jim Monopoli: Changing the Rules with Buzzfit

Craig and Jim have taken the Quebec gym industry by storm since opening the very first Buzzfit in 2011. Buzzfit separates itself from it's competitor by catering to the everyday person looking for a relaxed and affordable environment to workout in.

At $10.99 a month with no cancellation fees, the two founders created a business model that is sustained by a high volume of members. (about 5 times more than a typical gym)

They are able to reach and maintain such a high membership count by providing excellent value and top notch customer service. It's not surprising that they have been able to expand to 9 locations within 6 years.