MM20 - Zach Stoner: Copywriter at Vaynermedia

It's clear that Zach is passionate about two things: sports and copywriting. When he was in college he realized that he wouldn't make it as a professional soccer player so he decided to focus his attention on journalism. The road to getting his journalism degree wasn't always easy but in the end he persisted and found his true calling: copywriting. 

Zach now works for VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk's digital ad agency. As a copywriter, he creates marketing pieces based on core insights about clients' brands and their target audience. His quest for acquiring knowledge and his thirst for challenging projects enables him to get continuously get better at his craft.

MM19 - Pierre-Paul Schiltz: Owner-Operator at Cycle Paul

Cycle Paul was founded in 1948 by Pierre-Paul's grandfather, Paul Schiltz. The business originally sold bikes, ammunition, hunting and hockey equipment. Customers could even rent bicycles and guns. Much as changed since the 1950s and Cycle Paul has pivoted their business accordingly. They now focus solely on servicing the needs of cycling enthusiasts and professionals. 

Since taking over the business in 2013 from his father, Pierre-Paul has been keen on continuing his family's legacy. He's spent his entire life in the bike industry and is a passionate cyclist himself. He recently opened a second location in Vaudreuil to complement the long established Pointe-Claire shop. Besides selling high-end bikes and accessories, he also offers the "Fit" service which allows you to choose the optimal bicycle for your needs.

MM18 - Dez Price: Co-Founder at BN3TH Apparel (Formely MyPakage Apparel)

Dez Price is a passionate entrepreneur, snowboarder, and skateboarder. It shouldn't come as a surprise that his career path has always revolved around the sports industry. In 2010 he co-founded the apparel brand MyPakage in order to bring top of the line men's underwear to an underserved market.

Why underwear you might ask? He noticed trends were shifting and that men were now paying more attention to what they wear beneath their clothing. He saw the opportunity to introduce innovations to an industry that hadn't really changed since the mid 90s.

MyPakage Apparel rebranded as BN3TH Apparel in February 2018. The company has grown tremendously since it's inception and Dez is keen on expanding his product offering. The current rebranding strategy will play a pivotal role in enabling the future growth of his company.

MM17 - Johnny Russo: E-commerce & Digital Marketing Associate Vice-President at Mark's

Johnny Russo is a self-taught digital expert. He graduated from Concordia University in 2003 with a degree in journalism but quickly realized that his true passion was for Marketing. After working for major Canadian retailers such as Mexx, Buffalo, and Bentley, he now takes care of Mark's' (L'Équipeur in Quebec) e-commerce and digital marketing strategy. 

Johnny's passion for learning and continuously improving is quite evident. His approach to marketing is strongly driven by understanding consumer behaviour and challenging the status quo. Whether it's reading books authored by other Marketing experts or experimenting with innovative digital strategies, he is always working on improving his skills. 

MM16 - Scarlett James: Showgirl and Montreal Burlesque Festival Founder

Scarlett saw her first burlesque show in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the art. At the time, the Montreal burlesque scene was almost non-existent and shows were usually focused on humour. Scarlett wanted to take a different approach and worked on creating a show that revolved around glamour. After 6 months of hard work, she finally got a chance to showcase her act and it was an immediate success.

Scarlett has been credited with making burlesque more mainstream in Canada. Besides growing her own personal brand, she also founded the annual Montreal Burlesque Festival. However, her success isn't limited to the Canadian market as she travels around the globe to perform her acts at theatres and corporate events.